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Meet our CEO and Founder
Dr Paulina Chilarska


As an enthusiastic public speaker and social change proponent Dr Chilarska embodies the values of Young Now. Her mission is to bring physical and mental strength to women of all ages and colours via fitness and science-based approach to beauty thus making them more successful in their careers and more confident about their looks.

Dr Chilarska’s cutting-edge work at the University of Cambridge was funded by the prestigious 4-Year Wellcome Trust PhD award in Stem Cell Biology. Already at the age of 21 she worked with the Nobel Prize winner Sir Professor Paul Nurse on the cell cycle thus investigating the mechanisms underlying carcinogenesis.

Dr Chilarska is an expert in the molecular basis of ageing and strongly believes that ageing is a disease which can be prevented and treated. She is currently writing a book describing her revolutionary approach to Ageing Prevention and Ageing Reversal. She is fluent in five languages and has international consulting experience.